Benefits for Traders, Investors and Followers

Taking a straightforward approach to trading, we make the self-trading  process easier.
Here’s how we help you achieve your goals faster and smarter:

Enjoy multiple experiences from a single account

Start and stop allocation at any time

One click is all it takes to trade & manage orders

Follow the lead of professional traders

Trade 35,000+ financial instruments on 32+ exchanges

We speak your language

Get the app and trade on your mobile

Check the performance of your fund manager in real time

Trade on charts & benefit from market analysis on the go

Contact our Customer Support Desk and get support in a snap

Stay tuned to the market vibe via our built-in news engine & market analysis module

Benefits For Fundraisers

The fundraising environment for new and established investment firms has never been more challenging. The challenges take many forms and can diverge a firm’s focus from making and managing investments. Investment Firms today struggle with:

  • Finding the balance between acquiring and servicing investors
  • Making critical investment decisions
  • Sourcing prospective investors while executing due diligence activities to find quality deals.
  • Managing expenses when hiring operational staff as well as fundraising specialists.

Built-in tools for streamlined operations

Gain data-driven actionable insights that allow you to build bespoke financial instruments, improve your relationship management and revenue sharing model.

Always stay in the know with our sophisticated reporting module, expand your AUM via our marketing tools and easily communicate with your investors through our built-in social network.

Benefits For Fund Managers

AvansFX offers technology-enhanced, customisable solutions for fund managers which give them full control over their holdings and allow them to explore new investment opportunities in real time.

Improved Relationship Management

Diversified Product Range & Income Streams

Unique, Digital Investor Experience

Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Gain AUM By Focusing On Your Performance

Enhanced Business Intelligence

Build Multi-Asset Portfolios Across 35,000+ Instruments

And Many More Benefits

Revenue Manager

Monitor your revenue in real time. Cash flow management has never been easier.

Reporting Manager

Gain actionable insights about all allocations in real time and monitor investor behaviour to identify potential areas of improvement.


AvansFX has a solution for all trading and investment styles, needs and goals.

Are you a Strategy Trader?

You’re on the right page. Our TS-AvansFX strategy trading platform allows you to build outstanding trading strategies and post them live to investors across the world and let them follow your lead.

Are you a Strategy Trader?

  • Web and mobile-friendly, secure, multilingual SaaS solution
  • Branding and white labelling flexibility
  • Offer multi-asset portfolios
  • Offer multi-base currency accounts and cryptocurrencies
  • Invest with multiple trade leaders from 1 account
  • Real-time capital protection per allocation
  • Connect Trade Leaders through Trading API, FIX, MT4, MT5 and other terminals
  • Order & risk management routing per strategy

Are you a Portfolio Manager?

Tap into multi-asset portfolio management. We provide the infrastructure to facilitate and enhance trading, allocation and operation of separately managed accounts (SMA).

What you get

  • Multi-currency investment accounts
  • Customisable leverage per account
  • Risk management per allocation
  • Real-time reporting API
  • Bank-level security with dynamic encryption
  • Payment automation via PSP integrations
  • Automate KYC and client onboarding
  • Customised Electronic Power of Attorney signing
  • Instant initiation or closure of allocation
  • Automatic fee calculation and payment.
  • Transparency of fund manager activity & investor portfolio
  • Portfolio management over mobile applications (Android & IOS)
  • Instant Net Asset Value reporting

Are you a Web Trader?

Take your trading to the next level with a custom-made web trading platform that allows you to trade across multiple markets in a fully transparent environment.

What you get

  • Trade 35,000+ assets across 32+ exchanges
  • Easy integration with all your front, middle and back office
  • FOK order support
  • Full control via comprehensive backend

Prefer trading on your mobile?

Now you can trade your favourite asset classes at any time and from anywhere on your mobile. Enjoy the benefits and unique AvansFX trading experience on iOS and Android.

About Tradesocio

We believe in the accessibility, security, and transparency of investments. Dedicated to a holistic approach to investment management, we have developed an advanced technology solution which allows all the parties involved in the investment process to achieve their goals and minimise risk.


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